A Message From NRTC CEO Tim Bryan

Dear Members,

You no doubt have seen a stream of emails regarding the Coronavirus. I wanted to let you know briefly what NRTC is doing in the face of this event.

1. We have sharply curtailed travel, both to large events, and to our normal meetings with members. Our Regional Business Managers, Regional Sales Directors, Customer Advocates, and Member Relations staff will keep in touch with you, however, using video conferencing and other technology to stay in contact.

2. Our operations that you rely upon for email, tech support, customer care, and network management will remain operational; however, many of our team members will be working from home. We already had plans in place for that to occur based upon natural disasters such as hurricanes, so we implemented it for this Coronavirus pandemic.

3. We do anticipate greater call volume, particularly if our members' employees are unable to work due to member precautions. We will do our very best to keep up our response times if this does indeed occur. We would like to ask that if you plan on making changes to your local operations (such as reducing office hours or limiting staff), please just let us know ahead of time, so we can work to adjust our staffing to best support you.

4. Our local broadband solutions teams will continue to work closely with members to effectively manage current broadband projects, collaboratively making adjustments as needed to work around travel or other restrictions and respect local member decisions.

5. All NRTC employees who can work remotely are now doing so indefinitely, and we are working with those employees whose job requires them to be in one of our offices to do so safely following CDC guidelines.

I am very hopeful that we get through this phase of the pandemic quickly, with no members or NRTC employees affected. I thank you in advance for your understanding.

Best Regards, 
Tim Bryan